Physiotherapy Care at Home

Nursing Station provides exceptional Home Nursing Services in Coimbatore. We are the leading Home Nursing Service agency in India served over 20,000 patients through Home Nursing Care since 2014. Services can be booked through our hot line : 99 44 33 44 54 We are very specialized for Neuro patients (Tracheostomy & Brain stroke patients) and we have plenty of success stories in alive.

We always starts with the positive approach and we care the patient with Diginity and Respect. For us patient recovery is our aim. Nursing Station provides complete care Solution for Bedridden Patients to Promote personal Hygiene and good Grooming, Prevent bedsores, Ensure Good Nutrition, Craft a Comfortable position, Employ Patience and Empathy and Keep on Open line of Communication with your loved One’s medical Team too.

Our talented and caring staff helps you navigate the treatments and unique health needs of the individual. We create patient specific treatment programs.